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The world of professional voice over is one of the most important parts of the entertainment and corporate industries, but sadly, it is often misunderstood, unappreciated, and unrecognized. The reason for this is simple; voice actors are rarely seen, and only heard. Very few people realize there is an entire multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to voice over.

The number 1 thing aspiring voice actors must remember is this...

​One of the biggest misconceptions about voice acting is not only that it's easy, but that it has everything to do with the sound of your voice. If you have a great voice, then you will be successful. In reality however, voice over has very little to do with the sound of your voice and everything to do with your acting and performing abilities.

This is voice ACTING. Just because you may have a nice voice, a soothing voice, sexy voice, or a voice fit for radio, doesn't mean you will be successful in professional voice over. Can it help? Sure. But this is all about your acting and performing abilities. How good of an actor are you? How well can you take direction and interpret a script/character? Do you understand the tiny nuances that can help you instinctually bring your performance to life?

Because of the misconception about voice over (it's all about your voice) it's imperative that you take (in addition to any reputable professional voice over workshops) reputable acting classes and workshops dedicated to the art of acting. Improv classes are also a great way to step out of your comfort zone and hone those performing abilities.  Do you have to do this? Well, no. But it's certainly going to give you an edge if you've never acted a day in your life. 

Remember, there are voice actors who have beautiful voices but are struggling to make a living. There are also voice actors who have seemingly average voices who are incredibly successful. The main reason for this (by and large) is because they are very good, great, and often brilliant actors. 

You must also remember this fundamental truth... You can teach technique, but you can't teach talent. 


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